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At Macro4BIM, each post aims to show/explain the tools we developed, and the categories assigned to each one of them will guide you to discover what is most fitting with your role.

Below is a list showing the recent post, and you want to find out more, you can go directly to the blog page.

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Dynamo Package

The content

We provide both nodes operating directly on the Revit database and on the ProtoGeometry environment, AKA the "modeling space" of Dynamo. In addition, you will find a set of tools used as a sort of UI for Dynamo, they are under the main category "Utilities".

How to install

The Dynamo package Macro4BIM can be easily obtained through the "Online Package Search" in Dynamo. More practically, once opened Dynamo you have to go to Packages > Search for a Package... and type the name of the package you want.

Dynamo Package
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pyRevit extension

pyRevit is one of the most powerful Add-Ins for Autodesk Revit® that, among other functional tools, brings to the developers the great benefit of customizing a new panel coding entirely in Python 🐍! The Macro4BIM extension, which creates a tab named pyM4B, is a collection of selected homemade tools.


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Custom solutions
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Macro4BIM provides efficient solutions usable by all the professionals, most of them are flexible enough to be easily used on multiple projects, though, there is always the possibility of some custom solutions, projects, or office-specific that might be needed, get in contact with us and we'll find a solution together.

Fill out the form below to share your ideas, if you're looking for a specific solution or you simply want to address a question about our content, you'll receive an answer ASAP with all the details on how to make it happen.

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