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Hello World!

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Let's kick off this new adventure! The keywords which I would like to start with are #collaboration, #computational #design #technology and, like is easily guessable by looking at the page's name, #BIM.

The goal is to create this sort of new platform where all the professionals who are using the Macro4BIM's tools can gather more information and get in touch with each other.

This will allow to better refine and improve some existing tools as well as opening new and interesting topics that can stand as the spark which will let a new #macro born!

The formula can work easily: it is just about to turn on some interesting chat under the blog if you want to discuss the post's topic. Otherwise, for the off-topic, there will always be availability texting at

I am really thrilled by this M4B adventure,

hope you are as well (or will be)!

Let's this #Macro4BIM begin!!!

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