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pyM4B issue fixed

As some of you already know, during the past week we had an issue with pyM4B for which some panels were not displaying correctly.

I'm happy to announce that the problem is now fixed and here is how the most updated pyM4B looks like:

pyM4B extension

The root cause of the issue was something I didn't expect: the folder names on GitHub, at the moment of the commit, are not case-sensitive.

In practical terms, we changed the panel's name from "Coordination.panel" to "COORDINATION.panel" in both the folder name and in the boudle.yaml. On GitHub, an so your computers, only the boundle.yaml got changed, messing up the correct functioning of the extension.


In case you also publish regurarily on GitHub and are not aware of the issue, we'd like to spend a couple of lines more to show how we sorted this out.

How to rename folders on GitHub?

The solution to commit a folder with a different case is to pass through an intermediate commit where the folder name is different not only case-wise.

For instance, if you want to change a folder named "about.panel" into "About.panel", you should first commit something like "About.panel-----", and then you'll be able to commit back with the desired name "About.panel".

Considering the amount of folders in a pyRevit extension, I wrote a quick Python script that renames all the folders. It may not be the most elegant solution, but it worked like a charm and it was pretty fast. I'm sharing down here the script:

I hope this helps anyone who is facing the same issue.


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